27KW-60HZ Triple Fuel: NG/LPG/Gasoline Generator

The Panda home backup generator is a reliable and convenient solution for automatically protecting your home. It can be fueled by natural gas, liquid propane (LP), and gasoline, making it versatile and adaptable to different fuel options. The generator is installed outside, similar to a central air conditioning unit, and it delivers power directly to your home's electrical system.

Products Details



Fuel Type


Rated Power ( LPG)

25.6kW  [32kVA]

Rated Power( Gasoline)

27kW  [34kVA]

Rated Power (NG)

23.2kW   [29kVA]

Rated Voltage (V)

120/240  [120/208]

Rated Current(Gasoline)

112.5  [94.4]

Rated Current(LPG)

106.7  [88.9]

Rated Current(NG)

96.7 [80.6]



Engine/Alternator RPM(rpm)


Engine Part #


Displacement (cc)


Cooling System

Liquid Cooling

Noise at Normal Speed,7M


Gasoline Consumption 100% Load

2.9 gal/hr

LPG Consumption 100% Load

151.9 ft3/hr

NG Consumption 100% load

286 ft3/hr

Unit Dimension (L×W×H)  mm


Net Weight ( kg)


20/40HQ Container (UNITS)


● Auto/Manual/Shutdown ● Mains Voltage Detection ● Alternator Voltage Detection ● Low Oil Protection ● Over Frequency Protection ● Low-Frequency Protection●Technologically advanced Remote Wifi Controller ●Stand-alone robust Automatic Transfer Switch ●Tri-fuel Capability: Propane & Natural Gas& Gasoline ●High-end Liquid-Cooled Engine: Liquid Cooled Engines are Longer-lasting&continuous duty (24h Operation) with true prime power. Standard Air-Cooled Engines are not as long-lasting or efficient as Liquid Cooled Engines.These generators are designed to extract maximum energy from the fuel, ensuring optimal power output while minimizing wastage. This not only provides you with efficient power supply but also helps reduce costs in the long run, making it a smart investment for any household. One of the key features of the Panda generator is its ability to operate silently. Equipped with noise reduction technology, it can be used in various application scenarios without causing disturbance. In residential areas, the silent gas power generator ensures uninterrupted power supply while maintaining a peaceful environment for residents. In hospitals and healthcare facilities, it provides emergency backup power, allowing critical medical equipment to operate smoothly without any disruption. On construction sites, it ensures continuous power for tools and machinery without contributing to noise pollution. The silent gas generator is also great for outdoor events such as concerts or outdoor weddings where a quiet ambiance is desired while still meeting the power requirements. Overall, the Panda home backup generator offers a flexible and efficient solution to meet your power needs, making it a reliable choice for any home or commercial setting.

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